How to Connect MPO Optical Transceiver Module and LC Optical Transceiver Module?

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In this generation of networking, how are the optical transceiver modules in the information middle connected? The optical transceiver modules on the market are extra frequently used with MPO and LC interfaces. How have to we join two optical modules with exclusive interfaces? Today UnitekFiber will provide you a short introduction.
MPO fiber patch wire or LC fiber patch wire can realise the connection between the two. For the connection between unique interface transceiver modules, we want to use MPO spine fiber patch cords and LC duplex fiber patch cords, as properly as fiber optic adapter panels, MPO-LC fiber distribution containers and different fiber optic wiring products.
We will usually speak about the connections of QSFP+ optical transceiver modules and SFP+ optical transceiver modules, CFP optical transceiver modules and SFP+ optical transceiver modules.
The Direct Connection Solution of Optical Transceiver Module
When connecting an 8cores QSFP+ optical transceiver module with MPO interface and four twin LC interface optical modules, we want to use an MPO-LC department fiber jumper, however this direct connection scheme can solely be used on the identical rack.
The Interconnect options of Optical Transceiver Module
The photograph suggests a QSFP+ optical module to SFP optical module interconnection method. The QSFP+ optical modules and SFP+ optical modules on each aspects are linked to the MPO spine fiber jumper and the LC duplex fiber jumper respectively. A fiber adapter panel is required between the MPO spine fiber jumper and the LC duplex fiber jumper, and the MPO spine jumper and MPO-LC fiber are wired and connected. The secondary connection technique approves the substitute of gear at each ends of the fiber link. The precise connection technique and the required fiber optic gear are proven in the following figure.
The photograph is any other QSFP+ optical module to SFP+ optical module interconnection method. This sort of connection scheme is unique from the closing connection scheme is the optical fiber get right of entry to gear at the stop of the SFP+ optical module. After that, it is basically linked with the SFP+ optical module thru the fiber optic adapter panel and the LC dual-core department fiber jumper. However, due to the fact the SFP+ optical module ports need to be placed on the equal chassis. The downside of this technique is the lack of flexibility at the stop of SFP+ optical module. That is to say, this connection scheme does no longer permit the alternative of optical fiber get right of entry to tools at the quit SFP+ optical module.
The Cross-connect Solution of Optical Transceiver Module
Two techniques can understand the pass connection of QSFP+ optical module to SFP+ optical module. The important distinction is proven on the aspect of QSFP+ optical module. The first cross-connection scheme is broadly speaking to whole the connection via MPO spine fiber jumpers, MPO-LC fiber distribution bins and LC duplex fiber jumpers. The 2d cross-connect answer is greater complicated. In addition to the fiber optic gear used in the first solution, it additionally wants to use a fiber optic adapter panel. This cross-connection approach is greater appropriate for purposes with longer distribution ranges. At this time, it is crucial to make sure that the spine optical cable of the splice tray is no longer damaged.