Y-Waveguide Optical Alignment System (Y waveguide Modulator)

High Precision and Maneuverable Y waveguide Alignment Machine for Y waveguide Modelator manufacturing, 2 side 6 axis SemiAuto alignment with 100nm minimum accurate


Y-waveguide Align System for Y-waveguide Modulator manufacuturing, Double 6 axis SemiAuto alignment Y waveguide Optical alignment and packaging system

High Precision and Maneuverable Y waveguide Alignment Machine for Y waveguide Modelator manufacturing, 2 side 6 axis SemiAuto alignment with 100nm minimum accurate

The Sunma instrument company develops a new generation of manual and auto aligner for Y waveguide manufacturing. This product line features cost effective, high precision motion control capability with a compact mechanical design.

High quality components are used to assemble the system to guarantee high precision and repetitive motion applications.
The precision of linear motion motion (Translational) X, Y, Z and rotationl motion (Rotational)Pitch, Yaw, the Roll is 0.1 micron and 0.003 degree respectively.

All the machinical handlers are our own proprietary designs and made of high quality stainless steal to achieve motion and temperature difference stability.
Handlers for fiber coupled array are equiped with touch sensors for accurate spacing control.
Versatile motion control software is both user friendly and powerful.
Its modular design makes system upgrade and modification very simple. Moreover, alignment procedure customerization is made possible by the "workflow editor". Hence, users only just need to add and subtract the preinstalled functions and input the corresponding parameters to establish a particular alignment process.
2-day Free training, Installation &Calibration all for Free
Advantages:Trademarked Technology-5 Rs
Real Dual 6 degrees of freedom
Real Parallelism
Real Seamless Coupling
Real Gap Control
Real Performance



Low-cost, compact and fast SemiAuto-Alignment machine for Y waveguide pigtailing
Fast 1st light searching by near IR Camera(visible band to 1310nm) & rapid and automatic alignment
Fast automatic pitch-yaw parallelism adjustment
Accurate gap distance control by means of touch sensor
Precision motion platform of Newport delivers high accuracy and repeatability
Powerful software for easy operation
Total alignment time:100~125s
In addition to automatic, as well as semi-automatic and manual options


• Fiber optical gyroscope (FOG)
• Fiber Optic Current Sensor (FOCS)
• Hydrophones and other optical fiber sensing fields

System confguration:

Y waveguide alignment system


Translation(X-Y-Z axis)


Sunma VP-25XA or VP-25XL

Travel Range(mm)

XYZ: 25mm


0.1 (VP-25XA), 0.05 (VP-25XL)

Bi-directional Repeatability(μm)


On-axis Accuracy(μm)




Rotation(PitchθX-YawθY-RollθZ axis)


Newport CMA-PP or TRA-PPD

Travel Range(mm)

θX:6mm, θY:6mm, θZ:12mm (±3°)


0.3 (CMA-PP), 0.1 (TRA-PPDL)

Bi-directional Repeatability(μm)





(Patent Pending)Touch sensor embedded Universal Fiber Array Holder × 2

(Patent Pending)Touch sensor accuracy(μm)< 2

Universal 1×N Splitter Holder(1×2 to 1×64)× 1

Vacuum AWG Holder × 1


Camera Type

CCD×2, IR Cam×1 for 1st light searching


Software Controlled LED Bar Light

Machine vision

Image ssen through PC Vision Card

Image Resolution

<3μm/Pixel(depends on Mag. X of lens)


100mm(according to request)
6 or 13mmmanual XY stage