SUNMA Maintain Instruction

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Maintenance Service

  SUNMA can provide regular maintain services for worldwide users in Hongkong & Shenzhen, we can repair Fujikura, Sumitomo, Furukawa Fusion Splicers, Noyes, EXFO and JDSU OTDRs. SUNMA engineers can solve most problem in the instruments, even replace variety chips. if you get any problems in OTDR or Fusion Splicers, just send it to SUNMA.

  SUNMA maintenance department devote to optic test equipments, meters and datacom testers, Maintenance cycle is at least 5 working days after the customer made a special request, SUNMA will provide shorter depending on the specific maintenance cycle and on-site maintenance services.


  1, out the scope of warranty equipment before entering the initial inspection is required by the user company’s maintenance and inspection to confirm by SUNMA first in the specific conditions.

  2, the maintenance personnel to determine the initial cause of the malfunction to the user, then open a repair estimate of cost, the user receives after the sign for the maintenance and valuation of a single return, would be deemed agreed to further maintenance and spare parts ordered by the customer service department to repair. If the user receives a single valuation made after the termination of maintenance, the inspection fee charged depending on the specific circumstances, return transportation fee by the user.

  3, no spare replace parts for equipment in self-charging apparatus 5 working days after the repair; For spare parts replace needed, after the arrival of three working days after the repair.

  4, in the maintenance of equipment outside the warranty period, such as in the corresponding warranty after the repair, apparatus, facing the same trouble, the company will be responsible for free repair. If the warranty period, the case of the same failure, need to pay maintenance. (Specifically the warranty period, as the equipment is different from a different warranty period, in general, fusion splicer for three months, other please call counseling).

  more infos indicate by SUNMA Team only