Handheld 10/100/Gigabit Advanced Ethernet Tester

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ST Handheld 10/100/Gigabit Advanced Ethernet Tester
Main Features
• Rugged handheld test set with powerful features and smart navigation.
• Single and dual port testing.
• 10/100/1000 Megabit electrical port and 100/1000 Megabit fiber port for single and multimode comes standard.
• High resolution TFT color screen viewable in any lighting condition.
• User defined test profiles and thresholds enable fast turn up of service.
• Advanced Ethernet diagnostics tools; Ping, TraceRoute, Blinking Port locator, Cable Length, Optical Power Meter and Wire Map test.
• Ethernet BER testing at layer 1/2/3, with error insertion.
• RFC 2544 benchmark testing including; Throughput, Latency, Frame Loss and Back-to-Back Buffer
Capacity Frames tests with upstream and downstream modes.
• Comprehensive layer 2/3 statistics and filtering.
• Multiple stream traffic generation and analysis for QoS verification of services such as triple play.
Generate configurable constant, bursty or ramped traffic layer 2/3 traffic for up to 500 stations.
• Comprehensive network monitor functions; HUB monitor mode, LASER watch, Pass-Through, Dual port pass modes etc.
• Loop-back time-delay and service disruption test.
• Multi-protocol support including DIX/802.3 SNAP.
• Configurable VLAN and QoS settings
• Extended field testing with field replaceable, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery module.
• Export results via USB.

Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)
Verify the integrity of the network from end-to-end with a bit error rate test. Leave with a concise report. You don抰 need any surprises tomorrow.

RFC 2544 Testing
Quickly and easily validate circuits and service level agree- ments  with  these  industry-standard  performance  tests including Throughput, Latency , Packet Loss and Back to Back Buffer Frames. Unique Dual port design allows tests to be run with one unit or run remotely with remote unit set to automatic mode.

Ping, Trace Route and other Diagnostic Tools
Use the Ping test to determine if a particular host is reachable across an IP network. If the host is not found then the Trace Route utility can guide the user to diag- nose at what point the end-to-end connection is being disrupted.  Measure cable length and use the Wire Map tool to detect shorts, opens and polarity reversals.

Multi-Stream Traffic Generation
Generate constant, burst or ramped traffic for up to 500 stations in order to preload the network, detect problems and preempt a disaster at turn up.

QoS Testing
The ParaScope GigE is the ideal for performing QoS verifi- cation of metro Ethernet networks. It offers VLAN priori- ties and specific settings (TOS etc.) helping service pro- viders ensure QoS expectations are met.

Comprehensive Statistics/Filtering
Let the ParaScope GigE provide you with all the traffic statistics so that you know what is really running over that network. You will know the bandwidth utilization, frame sizes, protocols, number of CRC errors, and much more. And, best of all you can easily filter out layer 2/3 traffic based on MAC/IP to quickly focus in on the root cause of a problem. Wow! A network analyzer in your hand.




Ethernet Ports


Two 10/100/1000Base-T, Two 100/1000Base-X


External Interfaces

Two USB 1.1 ports, One RS-232 Port, One 10Base-T Manage- ment Port




DIX/802.3 SNAP



TFT LCD. Resolution: 320 (H) x 240 (v) with 16 bits text and graphics


Rechargeable Battery Pack

Li Ion 5000mA field replaceable battery pack, 7 hrs of opera- tion.


External Power

AC/DC power converter, 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, Output





64MB internal RAM, 512 MB external Compact Flash card


Operating Temperature


0 to 45 degrees C, 32 to 113 degrees F




10% to 90% non-condensing


Storage Temperature


-20 to 60 degrees C, -6 to 140 degrees F



7.4?SPAN style="LETTER-SPACING: -0.15pt"> (L) x 4.25?SPAN style="LETTER-SPACING: -0.25pt"> (W) x 1.97?SPAN style="LETTER-SPACING: -0.2pt"> (H) or 190mm (L) x 108mm (W)

x 50mm (H)




1.1. Kg or 2.4 lbs.


Part Number




ST GigE Ethernet Analyzer with 10/100 RJ-45, 100Mbps Optical and 1000Mbps Electrical and Optical interfaces. Optical SFPs are optional.

Hardware and Cable Options


100BASE-FX module, SFP, MM, 850nm, 500m


100BASE-FX module, SFP, SM, 1310nm, 15-20km


100BASE-FX module, SFP, SM, 1310nm, 40km


1000BASE-SX module, SFP, MM, 850nm, 500m


1000BASE-LX module, SFP, SM, 1310nm, 10km