ST-71 Probe Fiber Microscopes

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Fiber Inspection Probe

Probe Fiber Microscopes includes two basic parts of Fiber Inspection Probe and display (Monitor).
Fiber Inspection Probe can offer 600 times magnification for the fibers of 125um diameter (Both SM and MM fibers are included) when work with 9 inch display. And the enlarged picture can be sent to the display through a video signal output port, so that the status of the fiber end-face will be showed clearly.

Main Features of Fiber Inspection Probe
 Convenient fiber inspection function
Not only to inspect the fiber ends with male connectors directly, but also to inspect the fiber ends with female bulkhead adapters.
 Offers different magnification when work with different displays(Monitors)
Fiber inspection probe enlarges the picture through an optical system and output them by CCD camera. And the larger the display is, the more magnification it offers. From following list, you will see the kinds of magnification which are normally be used:
Index    3.5inch 5.6inch 9inch 15inch 17inch
Diameter (mm) 25 45 81 123 145
Magnification 200X 360X 600X 980X 1280X
Note: 1) The data of diameters above are measured directly.
          2) The magnification is calculated based on the fiber of 125um
劔 Different tips to meet fiber inspection with different fiber connectors and adapters
To inspect the fiber ends with different connector types, kinds of tips are needed, following are the tip pictures:

Tips for Standard Package                                                                       Optional Tips with extra cost