ST-72 Field Fiber Microscope

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  • 发布时间: 2022-01-24

Field Fiber Microscope

Field Fiber Microscope is a low cost and high quality fiber inspection tool which is available in 400X magnification and the white LED light to provide coaxial illumination to connector end-faces. This is method of illumination products high-resolution detail of end-face scratches, defects and contamination.

Features of Field Fiber Microscope
 Portable and easy to use, ideal for filed operation
 Magnification:400 times, can be used in both SM and MM fibers
 Optical Connector: FC,SC,ST and 2.5mm universal adapter
 Color: Black or white 
 Power Supply: AAA batteries 
 Battery Life: 40hours 
 A specialized design to protect the eyesight