How to Replace Electrodes for Fusion Splicing Machine

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Electrodes are the most essential consumable of fusion splicing machine. In general, after a period of use, it needs to be replaced. This is the basic maintenance of fusion splicing machine. Thus, users of fusion splicing machines should have the ability to judge when to replace electrodes and master the maintenance knowledge of replacing electrodes. This post will guide you how to judge when to replace the electrodes and explain the replacing steps by taking example of the latest Fujikura fusion splicing machine FSM-80S.
When to Replace Electrodes of Your Fusion Splicing Machine
What’s the best time to replace the electrodes of your fusion splicing machine, and how do you know when to replace it? Different users have different methods according to their working experiences. But the most basic method to judge when to replace the electrodes will be introduced here. Generally, there are two basic ways to judge whether the fusion splicing machine needs to be replaced its electrodes.
There is a function of a fusion splicing machine called arc discharge count. Electrodes should be replaced after reaching the manufactures recommended arc discharges. In general, the fusion splicing machine will alarm to remind users to replace the electrodes in that case. You should replace the electrodes of your fusion splicing machine when you see this alarm. Otherwise, splicing loss and quality will be effected.
Users can confirm whether the electrodes need to be replaced through some abnormal conditions during using. For example, if you find that your fusion splicing machine often prompt discharge not stable during the splicing, or discharge correction can not pass normally, or even the tip of the electrodes are oxidate severely and bald, you should replace the electrodes in those cases.
How to Replace Electrodes of Fusion Splicing Machine
Electrodes Replacing Steps
We can see the electrodes replacing steps in the following picture. It shows us the electrodes replacing steps of the Fujikura latest FSM-80S fusion splicing machine.

Tips for Replacing Electrodes
Ensure to use the appropriate sized screwdriver to remove the fixing screws of the electrodes fixture. Because long-term use of an unsuitable screwdriver to remove the screw may cause the screw to be stripped which may affect the later disassembly.
Avoid excessive pressure when locking the screw, otherwise screw also will be stripped so that the later disassembly is inconvenience.
When installing the electrodes, tighten screws no more than finger tight while pushing the electrode collars against the electrode fixtures, Incorrect installation of the electrodes may result in greater splice loss or damage to the circuit.
Be careful not to damage the electrodes shaft or tips. Any damaged electrodes should be discarded
Always replace fusion splicer electrodes as a pair.
After replacing the electrodes, it’s necessary to stabilize the electrode and conduct discharge correction in order to make sure that the new electrodes perform well. These can usually be done through instructions of the fusion splicing machine. In addition, we should use the discharge correction feature to get the best discharge power of the machine in daily use.