ST-3308N Handheld Insert/Return Loss Meter

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  • 发布时间: 2022-01-24
ST-3308N Handheld Insert/Return Loss Meter

ST-3308N handheld return loss tester is used to measure the return loss in the field fiber optic linking,
in order to adjust the quality of the optic fiber end-face, and to make sure the fiber optic communication is in good condition.
This 3308N handheld return loss tester can realize measurement of Return Loss, Insertion Loss, Output power, and also can be used as the laser source. Moreover,
it has the data storage function of 500 measurement items.

Return Loss Testing
Wavelength(nm) 1310/1550
Plus Width(nm)  <5
Displaying range(dB) 6~70
Accuracy(dB) ±0.5
Resolution(dB) 0.01
Power Meter

Wavelength Rang(nm) 850 ~ 1650 
Calibration wavelength(nm)
 850、 1300、 1310 、 1490、 1550 、 1625
Detector type  InGaAs
Displaying Unit dBm 、dB 、W
Displaying Range(dBm) -70 ~+6
Max. Output Power(dBm) +6
Resolution(dB) 0.01
Accuracy(dB) 0.3
Laser Source
Wavelength(nm) 1310/1550
Plus Width(nm)  <5
Max Output Power(dBm)-3
Stability(dB,30min)± 0.05
Modulation(HZ) CW, 270, 1K, 2K