Network Information Computer(NIC)

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  • 发布时间: 2022-01-24
Modular platform for telecom / datacom testing

The NIC is a scalable solution for verifying and qualifying the performance of
today’s multi-protocol global communications networks.
With a flexible software/firmware-based architecture, the scalable NIC Plus
combines in a single platform the multitude of traditional hardware-based
test sets required to install, maintain, and monitor high-speed multi-protocol
The NIC products support a variety of test applications for the transport
๏100G Ethernet
๏OTN up to 112Gbps
๏SONET/SDH up to 40Gbps
๏NextGeneration (VCAT, LCAS, GFP)
๏Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base T, Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Base FX
๏10GigE (LAN, WAN)
๏Fibre Channel 1-10Gbps
๏Jitter/Wander testing
๏Optical Spectrum Analyzer

• Line and pointer (STS, VT, AU, TU)
frequency offset generation.
• GFP, VCAT, LCAS, ATM and All Path
Testing™ options
• Intrusive/Passive Through Mode
• APS testing and Service Disruption
Measurement with user-selectable
• Available with OC-192/STM-64, OC-48/
STM-16, OC-12/STM-4, OC-3/STM-1,
EC-3/STM-1e, OC-1/STM-0, and EC-1/
STM-0e interface
• Complete overhead control and monitor

Optical Transport Network (OTN) Testing
• Overhead Byte capture
• User-definable alarms for power level,
frequency, trace and expected path
• Overhead Byte Capture
• Full overhead access/manipulation
• Intrusive/non-intrusive through mode
• GFP mapping
• Support for 10G Ethernet payload
(OTU1e/2e, ITU Supp.43)
• Support for 10G Fibre Channel payload
• Supports the full range of OTN
interfaces: OTU-1 (2.66 Gbps)
• OTU-2 (10.7 Gbps)
• OTU-1e (11.049 Gpbs)
• OTU-2e (11.095 Gbps)
• OTU-1f (11.27 Gpbs)
• OTU-2f (11.3 Gbps)
• Full OTN Multiplexing structure
generation and test.

Ethernet Testing
Available with 10GigE LAN/WAN and
10GigE FEC (OTU-1e, OTU-2e)
• Dual port GigE, 10/100/1000BaseT and
• Supports RFC 2544 and RFC 1242
Benchmarking with Throughput, Frame
Loss, Latency, Back-to-Back Burst and
Round-Trip Delay testing
• Up to 32 simultaneous streams per port
• Rate setting by interpacket gap up to 18
minutes, burst traffic, ramped traffic,
through mode, ARP support, runt frame
support, an increase of max frame size
to 16,000 bytes
• IP reflection mode enables RFC testing
through routers
• Stacked VLAN (Q in Q), up to four tags per

Fibre Channel (FC) Testing
• 1/2/4/8/10Gbps Fibre Channel testing
• Mapping of 10G Fibre Channel into OTN
(OTU1f / OTU2f)
• Dual port simultaneous testing
• BER testing, round-trip latency and
performance monitoring and
characterization of in-service Fibre
• Supports Primitive Sequence Generation
• Supports RFC 2544 and RFC 1242
Benchmarking with Throughput, Frame
Loss, Latency, Back-to-Back Burst and
Round-Trip Delay testing
• Characterize performance of Fibre
Channel networks for varying frame