OP-2000C Fiber Polisher

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  • 发布时间: 2022-01-24
Fiber Optic Polisher, SUNMA-2000C

Optical Fiber Polisher, SUNMA-2000C is corner pressure polshing machine for fiber connectors.

Place of Origin: China

Key Features:

Application for high volume production, and the polishing jig is fixed with 4 points, the polishing pressure is determines by coil spring and elastic cushion.    
Designed for polishing manner with planet tray.   
Using a new I.P.C jig technology (every ferrule is pressed singly) a making the finished yield rate much higher.    
Dual APC & PC polishing and Accommodating most styles of connectors   
High efficiency to deal with all kinds of connectors. The maximum polishing quantity for MU and LC connectors is 24 pcs; And maximum polishing quantity for SC, FC and ST connectors is 20 pcs.   
The polisher was made by high quality stainless steel with heat treatment and i is high accuracy and durability.   
Quick to change jigs,  Easy and flexible to operate.   
APC return loss as low as -70 dB,  UPC return loss as low as -60 dB, Insertion loss 0.2 dB typical   
Super centering accuracy   
Excellent connector endface polishing quality



High Volume, Installation

Pressure Source

Coil Spring

Polishing Capacity (max)

20 connectors for FC, SC and ST  / 24 connectors for MU/LC 


230 x 255 x 230mm


23.5 kg

Input Voltage

100-120VAC, 50/60Hz or 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz


2.5mm PC, APC  /  12.5mm PC, APC  /  MT, mini-MT