ST-Mini20 Satellite Meter

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ST-Mini20 Satellite Meter

Mini20 Meter is a dedicated instrument for the direct version of the program using ST-Tech, integrated market-seeking Satellite launched digital search Satellite. Mini20 large font display, soft keys, user-friendly design, the appropriate use of more people. Satellite lock accurate, not false positives or missing signals, just listen to the sound of a few seconds can rapidly lock signal frequency. LCD screen of 3.5, you can directly download the free satellite watch, suitable for tall buildings and electric field and check the place is not convenient to find the signal. 
Mini20 settings and calibration for the satellite antenna is very fast and convenient. Through the system default parameters of the satellite, it will be convenient quick, simple and accurate adjustment of the satellite antenna point of view, needed to capture the satellite signal.

Key Features:
Support 9 languages
High bulid quallty
Diseqc switching
Sound  warning prompt locking satellite
Lcd tv function 
Watch the free channels 
Easy to edit by hand
Very small and portable

System Standard:DVB-S
System Cpu:200MIPS
Input Frequency:950~2150MHz
Input Level:65dBm ~ 25dBm
System Rate:2M---45M
Connector:F type
Screen:3.5Inch High definition LCD
Sound:Built-in speaker audio output
DISEqC:22KHz switch Indicator light 13/18V
upgrade cable:Rs323 COM port cable
updrade Software:Rs323 port for software updatas
Working time:2-4 hours or more
Operating temperature:0℃ ~ +50℃
Size:9.6cm*15.8cm*4.8cm and Portable backpack

Package Contents:
Satellite Finder Set
Special power supply adapter
RF input connector GMHF-L9.5-JK
Data cable
Instrument bag
Operators manual
Quick Start Guide