ALL-in-ONE Powermeter (Optical Wavelength Analyzer)

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ALL-in-ONE Powermeter (Optical Wavelength Analyzer)

Optical Wavelength Analyzer is designed to measure both wavelength and optical power of multi wavelength optical signals in FTTx, WCDMA, CWDM-PON and WDM-PON system, 3G that uses multiple optical carriers with different wavelengths. It is so compact and mechanically stable that it is suitable for outdoor field application.
Special Features
• Simultaneous measurement of both optical power and wavelength in WDM system
• Compact size, excellent portability and easy operation
• Applicable for wavelength optical network such as CWDM, WiBro, 3G/4G, FTTx
• Also Works as a typical optical power meter (850nm~1650nm)
• Typical cell phone travel charger and USB data cable
• Color LCD (resolution of 320 x 240 dots)
• Add to graphic display
• Light weight for on-site measurement
• Quick start operation, requiring no warm-up time and reducing testing time
• A robust, shock-proof, splash-proof design for field operation
• Adjustable auto power-off interval for low power consumption






Wavelength range

for General Power Meter

850 ~ 1650nm


for CWDM

1260 ~ 1620 nm

No of optical channel displayed at same time (simultaneous)             upto 16

Wavelength (nm) for CWDM                                           1270/1290/1310/1330/1350/1410/1430/1450


Wavelength resolution                                                                                  20nm

Dynamic range                                                                               + 10dBm   to   -40dBm

Absolute accuracy                                                                                   < ±0.5 dB Power resolution                0.01 dB Units                                                                                                 dBm / dB / mW

Power supply                                                                         Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries Optical interface                                                                                                        9/125um SC/APC or FC/APC Photo diode                          InGaAs

Operating Temperature                                                                            0 ~ +50

Dimension                                                                                          74 x 192 x 38 mm

Weight                                                                                                           325g

Standard Package

P/N: OWA-100

1 USB Data Cable        1 Urethane Handheld Case

1 Installation CD          1 Typical 24-pin Charger

1 User Manual             1 Necklace