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Here are some promote products,the price are as follow:

WST54-02 Optical Power Meter                       US$240.00/pc   FOB Wuhan
WST58-01 Cable Fault Locator(OTDR)              US$1680.00/pc FOB Wuhan
WST92-01 Transmission Analyzer                 US$1600.00/pc FOB Wuhan
WST91-01 E1 Error Bit Rate Tester                             US$1250.00/pc FOB Wuhan
WST814 mini-OTDR                                               US$5600.00/pc FOB Wuhan
WST812 Palm OTDR     28/26                                      US$4500.00/pc FOB Wuhan

WST813 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer          US$4900.00/pc FOB Wuhan

OT-8800 Mini OTDR               US$5700.00/pc FOB Wuhan                 

FiberPal?USB OTDR             US$4400.00/pc FOB Wuhan                       

More world-class quality optic fiber equipments are available with factory price!

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