Sunma Tech. have passed third party CE certification

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  • 发布时间: 2022-01-24
Sunma Tech. have passed third party CE certification

      CE is an abbreviation of French words "Communaute Euripene". It is a standard system made by EU countries to remove trade barrier. Passing CE certification indicates that the certified products has been qualified according to the relevant rules by EU. CE certificate is the exclusive passport to enter the EU market. The third party certificate symbol guarantees the safety and quality of the products, which like design, performance, price and other factors they will influence the customers purchase decision.
      To meet the daily-increasing export demands and take part in more international markets, Wuhan Sunma Technology Co.,Ltd. manages to acquire the CE certificate conferred by the third party authorized company-TUV south Germany Group Corporation. The certified products including WST812,WST813,WST814. They have entered EU market recently.