Low-Speed Optical Transceiver Module Introduction

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With the fast improvement of records facilities to ultra-high pace and massive capacity, the market demand for high-speed optical transceiver modules is additionally increasing. Against this background, is there nonetheless market demand for low-speed optical transceiver modules? What does low-speed optical transceiver module especially refer to? Let us take a seem below.
Low-speed optical module concept
According to the transmission rate, optical transceiver modules can be divided into 100M optical modules, Gigabit optical modules, 10G optical modules, 40G optical modules and 100G optical modules. We commonly refer to optical transceiver modules with transmission prices of 1000M and beneath as low pace optical Module.
Classification of low-speed optical modules
Low-speed optical transceiver modules presently mostly consist of GBIC and SFP package deal types, they have positive variations in measurement and form and their genuine application.
GBIC optical transceiver module: The GBIC optical transceiver module is an optical module used in the early Gigabit Ethernet. It is mainly related by way of sc interface. At present, solely some of the before swap fashions of older fashions nonetheless have utility requirements.
SFP optical transceiver module: The SFP optical transceiver module is an optimized model of the GBIC optical module. Its feature is essentially the identical as that of the GBIC optical module, however its extent is tons smaller. This kind of optical transceiver module makes use of LC interface connection, which has the traits of compact shape and extra Suitable for high-density wiring, it can notably simplify the deployment of Gigabit Ethernet.
The working precept of low velocity optical transceiver module
The low-speed optical transceiver module is composed of a transmitting phase and a receiving part.
The feature of the transmitting section is to modulate the electrical sign to the laser, so as to realise the electro-optical conversion. Specifically, the electrical sign with a sure code price is processed by using the inner riding chip to force the semiconductor laser (LD) or the mild emitting diode (LED) to emit the corresponding fee The modulated optical sign has an optical energy automated manage circuit inside, which continues the output optical sign electricity stable.
The feature of the receiving section is that the detector receives the optical sign and realizes the photoelectric conversion. Specifically, an optical sign with a sure code charge is transformed into an electrical sign via a mild detection diode after being enter into the module, and then an electrical sign with a corresponding code charge is output after passing via a preamplifier.
Application of low velocity optical transceiver module
The low-speed optical transceiver helps many interface devices, which include some different community gadgets such as switches and routers. In realistic applications, SFP low-speed optical transceiver modules are greater extensively used than GBIC low-speed optical transceiver modules in the subject of telecommunications and records communications.
However, there are nevertheless some community units outfitted with GBIC optical module interfaces, so the suitable kind of low-speed optical transceiver have to be chosen in accordance to the interface kind of the particular device.