ST-52 New Fiber Cleaver

Specifications ST-52 Fiber Cleaver 1.Replaceable blade 2.High precision 3.Simple operation&Easy maintenance 4.48,000 fiber cleaver


ST-52 New Fiber Cleaver 



ST-52 series high precision fiber cleaver is the highly-precision fiber cutting tool, suitable for 250um to

900um coating fiber and 125um cladding fiber. The 16-position blade is workable for 48000 fiber cleaves. It is easy

to use and maintenance 


1.High cutting quality.
2.Durable design.
3.Replaceable blade.
4.Simple operation and Easy maintenance.

5.Leather carrying case

6.One-year warranty



ST-107 Fiber Optic Cleaver


Fiber type

Single fiber, ribbon fiber

Clad diameter


Coating diameter


Cleave angle capability


Cleave length


Blade lifetime

36,000 fiber cleaves


60mm(W) x 55mm(D) x 45mm(H)




Using Guide:

Read this description, before using Cleaver and keep description with Cleaver.

Using Cleaver, please be cautious of the following particulars and prevent your body and property from harm and use carefully and usefully.

Keep Cleaver away from water.

Place Cleaver away from humid and dusty place.

High temperature causes transforming, so keep it in normal temperature.

Be careful with serious impact on it.

Be sure that the stripped fiber length should be at least 12mm or longer.

Clean the Cutting Edge Rubber Pad regularly with alcohol. Try not to use acetone or corrosive solvent when you clean the rubber pad.

Keep the fiber holder clean to ensure no dust in it.