Sunma SAT Auto Focus Interferometer

SAT autofocus optical Interferometer is new generation interferometer developed by Sunma Technology. It has inherited all positive feature of SMT. Additionally, SAT is able to resist stronger shakes, its data are more stable, operation is more convenient, and measurement speed is much higher. O


Sunma SAT Auto Focus Interferometer

Auto-focus SAT fiber interferometer is independently developed by SUNMA Technology, used to measure radius of curvature, Apex offset, Fiber Height and polishing angle, key error of APC connector, in the meantime, show the topography of the connectors and fiber ends directly and clearly.

The main parts of SAT include interferometer, Lenovo table business computer and software package.SAT adopt 635nm high power LED Light source, which ensure user get clear interference image.

SAT offers two kinds of chucks (2.5mm universal &1.25mm universal), with which user can test almost all kinds of connecters. 2.5mm universal used to measure FC/PC.SC/PC.ST/PC, E2000/PC, DIN, FC/APC, SC/APC kinds of connectors, 1.25mm universal used to measure LC/PC, MU/PC, LC/APC kinds of connectors, and you don’t need to replace chucks and calibrate when you transfer between APC and PC connector mesurement, only turning “angle adjuster” to relative angle is ok, very convenient to operate.

Our software has features of accuracy, high repeatability and convenient operability. Before initial test, user should calibrate the unit first. It’s very easy to calibration for SAT. When landing calibration interface,
turning six points averagely and measuring after focusing accurately, then click “ok” button, it will be automatically calibrated. You don’t need to move hard device by yourself, as the software will calibrate inner settings automatically.

Then user can start measurement, only click “measure” button can finish one test, the test result will be shown on the right. user could decide to save the record or not. If yes the data will be saved in excel format, and it will judge the result qualified or not automatically according to user’s criteria or defaulted criteria. In the meantime, the topography of the fiber or connector will be shown on the screen by 3D mesh diagram as well as contour diagram and surface roughness diagram.

1 High repeatability, accuracy.
2 Convenient hardware and software operability.
      Don’t need to change chucks when transfer between APC and PC connecter measurement.
      When calibration, software will calibrate automatically, user don’t need to move the unit.
3 With patent, easily fasten chucks, Unique APC Fluctuate locate technology made the measurement never
  more precisely.
4 3D-Mesh diagram and analysis chart directly reflect fiber or connecters details.
5 Test report and data will be saved in excel format, easy for document management and print out.
6 Absolutely competitive price.

1.      Auto focus
2.      One-click operation, test automatically
3.      More accurate, high repeatability, performs as well as imported ones.
4.      Cost efficient
5.      General fixture, wide range of measurig, easy replacement
6.      PC or APC connector transform convenietly
7.      Support English and chinese interfaces, fast shift
8.      Support data format and 3D graphic format reports, manage and print easily

Testing scope
Fiber Height (nm)
Vertex migration (祄)
APCAngle (?
0 or 8
24V DC Adaptor
5.5kg (core)