ST-2800 Fiber Cabling Toolkit

Toobox ST-2800 is ideal and utility for optical fiber cable construction. It is widely used in optical fiber fusion splicing and maintenance for fiber optic telecommunication. It includes all kinds of the most frequent used tools, which cut kevlar and slit jacket.


Optic Fiber Construction Toolbox, ST-2800


Toobox ST-2800 is ideal and utility for optical fiber cable construction.  It is widely used in optical fiber fusion splicing and maintenance for fiber optic telecommunication. It includes all kinds of the most frequent used tools, which cut kevlar and slit jacket.  And most of the hand tools are necessary for optical fiber fusion splicing.

Place of Origin: Assembled in China, Hand tools from Japan, USA, UK

Detail List:

No. Item  Place of Origin QTY
1 Kevlar Scissor Taiwan 1 PCS
2 CLAUSS Coating Stripper USA 1 PCS
3 Tube Sleeve stripper Taiwan 1 PCS
4 Steel Wire Cutter(7) Japan 1 PCS
5 Bevel Blade Plier(6) Japan 1 PCS
6 Long Flat Nose plier(6) Japan 1 PCS
7 Monkey Wrench(8) Japan 1 PCS
8 Tightwire Cutter Japan 1 PCS
9 Fiber Optic Tweezer Taiwan 1 PCS
10 Fiber Core Scriber Taiwan 1 PCS
11 Parallel Tip Screwdriver Taiwan 1 PCS
12 Crosspoint Screwdriver Taiwan 1 PCS
13 Cleaning Balloon Taiwan 1 PCS
14 Alcohol pump bottle China 1 PCS
15 Cable Jacket Slitter 3-35mm Japan 1 PCS
16 Adjustable Transverse Stripper 4-12mm Taiwan 1 PCS
17 Longitudinal CABLE Slitter KMS-K UK 1 Set
18 Tube Sleeve Slitter South Korea 1 PCS
19 RCS-Round Cable Slitter USA 1 PCS
20 Precision screwdriver (6 PCS) Japan 1 Set
21 Inner-six angle wrench (9 PCS) Taiwan 1 Set
22 Parts Collection Box China 1 PCS
23 Sleeve Screwdriver Kit (10 PCS) USA 1 Set
24 Art Design Knife Japan 1 PCS
25 Measuring Tape(3.5m) Japan 1 PCS
26 Mini Hack Saw USA 1 PCS
27 Mark Pen Japan 1 PCS
28 Reinforced Aluminium Case Taiwan 1 Set